Internship Challenge

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Internship Challenge Results – Goal of 200 NEW Internships Achieved!
We are proud to announce that we achieved our goal of 200 NEW internships in early April and continued to press forward in our efforts. As of April 1, 2010, we have posted 559 internship opportunities, 309 of them being new from last year, for students to apply to at 306 different organizations through the generosity of Bucknell’s alumni, parents, and friends.

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Take the Bucknell Internship Challenge, and help today's students build a solid foundation for successful and rewarding lives even as you put their skills to work for you. Sponsor an internship today!

A New Challenge For A New [Academic] Year

Last year, with the support of the University Trustees, the Alumni Board and the Parents Board, we were pleased to announce the BUCKNELL INTERNSHIP CHALLENGE, which provided a concrete way for alumni and parents to help our talented Bucknell.  After the outstanding support and success we are at it again!

Internships are the single most important way for employers to identify future employees and for students to explore the world of work. In this continued difficult economic climate, internship experience is even more important in helping Bucknell students gather valuable work experience, explore career options and discover where they can make the greatest contribution. Experience does matter and surveys show that Interns fare better in the job market. A 2009 student survey by National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) found that graduates who had taken part in an internship fared far better in the dismal job market than their peers who didn’t. Nationally overall, just 19.7% of the Class of 2009 who had applied for jobs had one by the end of April, but grads with an internship under their belt beat that average—23% had a job in hand. Simply put, by participating in the Internship Challenge, you help give Bucknellians a leg up in competing for their first job.

A Public Service Challenge--BPIP Internship Fund

Bucknell Public Interest Program (BPIP) Q & A

Started in 2004, Bucknell's Public Interest Program (BPIP) Internship Fund is supported by alumni and parents and provides $2500 stipends to underclassmen who have obtained unpaid summer internships with nonprofit, public interest or government offices. This fund offers financial support for students who might not be otherwise able to work at an unpaid internship without the help of the fund.