Philly Club Community Service-Tyler Arboretum


Bucknell Club of Philadelphia

2012 Bucknell Annual Community Service

Saturday, April 14, 2012

8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.


Lima, PA

We will be briefed and outfitted with tools, heavy gloves, etc by Mike Karkowski’s staff then head out to the designated area(s).

Tyler Arboretum is located at 515 Painter Road in Lima, PA, very close to the Granite Run Mall and Penn State’s Delaware County Campus, right off PA 352. Detailed instructions are available on their website.

We will meet at the Maintenance Shed at the Northwest end of the property.

1. Enter Tyler through the gates off Painter Road.

2. Continue about 100 feet straight back to the (only) dirt road that goes left across the meadow.

3. Continue on this road to the end where there is a large outbuilding. Park and come on in the building.

4. Welcome to the Maintenance Shed!  We will have snacks, water and restroom facilities available there.


What will we be doing:

Depending on the numbers here are the probable projects:

  • North Woods: Invasive removal.
  • Working with staff and dedicated Tyler Arboretum volunteers, this project will focus on the work that has happened over the last 6 years of removing invasive species plants.

  • Trail Work: Side Brushing.

         Crews will head on Tyler Arboretum’s 20 miles of hiking trails to cut  
         back the plants (mostly unwanted) along the trail edges to allow 
         our visitors to experience the beauty of South Eastern PA here at
         Tyler Arboretum.

  • Trail Work: Invasive removal.

         Crews will target areas of invasive plant species that are threatening
         or overtaking native plant populations.

  • Trail Work: Construction.

         Working with experienced trail crew members, this project will focus
         on areas that need additional help to get the trails looking their best
         for the 2011 hiking season.


We won’t know who will be doing what until we all get there on Saturday, but I know the Tyler staff and experienced volunteers will make sure our projects will make a difference and have the proper organization and oversight.


What do we need to bring:

1. Dress according to the predicted weather at 8am and Noon. Layers are
    recommended so in the event you get too warm, you can take off a
   layer or two. It will get warmer as the day goes on.

2. Leather work gloves if you have them, especially if you have smaller   
   hands.  Tyler will have some gloves but these tend to be larger. Liner 
   (thin) gloves are recommended as a layer system for the work gloves.

3. Clear goggles / safety glasses you like to wear when out of doors  
    working in the woods. Tyler has goggles but you might prefer your

4. Hand pruners (labeled with your name, please) if you have some you   
    prefer to use.

5. Boots (preferred) or sturdy shoes.

6. Energy and spirit!

Anyone volunteering for the Bucknell Community Service Events will receive a Bucknell Baseball Cap on the day of the event.