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The Bucknell University Alumni Association (BUAA), through its Board of Directors, has a limited amount of funds available to support various programs and scholarships throughout the year which further the mission of the BUAA.

Generally, an application is initially submitted either to the Finance Committee of the BUAA or to the Bucknell Alumni Office, which forwards it to the Finance Committee of the BUAA. The Finance Committee then examines the application to determine whether the purpose for which the funds are being sought is consistent with and furthers the mission of the BUAA. If the Finance Committee determines that the application is a qualified application and recommends full or a partial funding of the amount requested, then the application is submitted for a vote before the Board of Directors of the BUAA, which meets 3 times during the year (Jan/Feb, Reunion Weekend and Homecoming Weekend). There, however, are procedures in place for the Finance Committee to approve requests of no more than $3,500 at times other than the 3 BUAA Board meetings.

Some requests for funding are for projects of significant scope in terms of the amount of money requested or the time frame over which the funds would be disbursed. To aid the Finance Committee in its annual and five-year planning processes, please communicate with them early in your planning for these larger projects with "early estimate" or "budget numbers" even before you have finalized all the information needed for the final application. A simple memo with a project description and your best estimate of how much money you will be requesting and when will assist the Finance Committee in allocating funds for longer-term and larger projects.

Before you submit your request for funding, please consider the Mission of the Bucknell University Alumni Association Board of Directors:

* Represent Alumni and Engage Bucknellians and
* Promote and Enhance Bucknell University

It is most important for your application to further in some way the mission of the BUAA. Applications that serve to increase alumni participation and interest in the activities of the BUAA and in the activities of the University are especially encouraged.

It also is important to understand that the BUAA is not generally a primary source of funding for University programs. Instead, as indicated in the portion of the application titled "Other Sources of Funding," you should seek funds from other organizations and groups that are more directly tied into your activity and exhaust those possibilities before submitting your application to the BUAA. All approvals are on a one-year basis.

If funding is approved, the recipient is expected to state in notices, invitations, mailings etc. that the event or project is "sponsored by the Bucknell University Alumni Association" and to send copies of such notices etc. to the Office of Alumni Relations. 

Finally, it will be most helpful if you are able to provide as much information as possible regarding your project/event, including your financial projections, and any other information you believe is relevant so that your application can be thoroughly reviewed and so that you have the best chance of having your application approved.

Please complete the attached BUAA Application for Financial Support, attach all necessary information and then return it to the Office of Alumni Relations for forwarding to the Finance Committee of the BUAA. We will respond to your application as soon as possible, consistent with the meeting dates of the Board of Directors and the urgency expressed in your application.

Thank you for your interest in the Bucknell University Alumni Association.


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Other Sources of Funding

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Please send an email message to with any documents that will assist the committee in reviewing the request. The message should include your name and grant request in the subject line. For example: "John Smith Grant Request"

Or, mail them to:

Office of Alumni Relations
90 University Avenue
Bucknell University
Lewisburg, PA 17837