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Bucknell Health Network Fall 2011 Newsletter:

The Bucknell Health Network (BHN) got off to a good start this semester with strong attendance at its first Pre-Health Society Meeting on September 20th. At the meeting students discussed interests for the upcoming school year and held a question and answer session with senior, pre-med student Darshan Shah who is a biochemistry major at Bucknell. Darshan discussed the application process for medical school and gave younger students some insight on how to prepare for applying to medical school. He stressed starting applications early and getting involved in extra-curricular activities that demonstrate character, responsibility, service and leadership. Students said that the session was very helpful and inquired about having a Q and A with current medical students in residency or current med-school students to hear another perspective after attending medical school.

            Upcoming events on campus include the Health Professions Graduate Fair, the Health Professions Panel, a Homecoming event, and Dr. David Janda speaking on Health Care Reform. The Health Professions Graduate Fair will take place from 3-6 PM on October 18th in the ELC Center Room followed by a Health Professions Panel from 6-7 PM in Walls Lounge. The Health Fair will give students an opportunity to meet representatives from health professions schools across the country.  This would be a great time to start collecting information and building relationships with schools. There is no registration for this event and all students are welcome to attend.  The panel following the fair will allow students to ask questions to admissions representatives from several of the schools.  Also, the Bucknell Health Network is planning to host a Homecoming event on the 21st of October. Updates will be sent out via email as the event is finalized.

            In addition, as a part of Bucknell’s Public Service Week, Dr. David Janda ’80, a renowned orthopedic surgeon from Ann Arbor, Michigan, will be visiting Bucknell University on November 1st to speak with students, faculty and staff about the current state of health care in the United States and the ramifications of the implementation of Obamacare.  Dr. Janda is a member of nine-member orthopedic surgical group and has recently conducted studies involving injury prevention analysis.  He founded the Institute for Preventative Sports Medicine and it is estimated that studies conducted by Dr. Janda and his research teams translate to a prevention of 1.7 million sports injuries per year and a savings of over $2 billion per year in medical costs.  For his work, Dr. Janda has been awarded the clinical research award by The American Orthopedic Society of Sports Medicine.  He is a very accomplished man and his discussion should be informative and entertaining. This link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HnkxIh62dQ provides an example of what Dr. Janda’s seminars are like and shows his expertise on this subject.

            BHN hopes to see as many students as possible in attendance for these events. If you would like to be added to the Bucknell Health Network and Pre-Health Society email lists, please feel free to contact Eric Martin at ejm030@bucknell.edu or Pat Reilly and par017@bucknell.edu