Reunion Photos

Share your own Reunion photos and messages with classmates on your NEW Class page in B-Link. Simply go to "My Profile," Click on Groups and then find your Class year group. For help, contact us at or 570-577-3223.

Video -- Reunion Anniversary Classes: Historical Review
Reunion Rally featured a video of Bucknell students costumed in period garb from each Reunion anniversary class while touting Bucknell and world facts of their years. View the video


Video: Alumni Association honorees

Stories and sentiments of thanks were captured in a video montage of the 2009 Alumni Association Award recipients: Katie Malague '94; James Nevels '74; Ron Billings '69 and Stuart Berelson '59.  The video was unveiled at Reunion Rally on Saturday, May 30 as part of Reunion Weekend, and preceded the live presentation of the award honorees on stage in the Weis Center for the Performing Arts.

Welcome to Reunion Weekend!
We're glad that so many Bucknellians could visit us on campus this weekend.

Make the Registration Center in Sojka Pavilion your first stop on campus. You'll pick up all the latest details on your Registration, the Event Schedule, and more!  At Registration, you'll also receive a very handy "Reunion Guidebook."  Hold on to that all weekend.