What are Affinity Networks?

Bucknell’s alumni and career services office wanted a way to bring together alumni, students, faculty and parents, by areas of interest. Three types of affinity networks were created: Profession/Industry; Academic Interest; Extracurricular Interest. Each network follows three guidelines annually: sponsoring an on-campus event; sponsoring an off-campus event and having an online presence in B-Link, Bucknell’s new online community. These networks offer participants a forum to enhance their professional network, enrich their personal and professional experience through ongoing education, and impact the Bucknell community at large.


Why would I want to get involved?

Network participants exchange ideas and information about professional paths, social advocacy, regional events and more. You can participate in networks of interest to you, and getting involved now means you are helping to build the networks from the ground up.

Who can participate in Affinity Networks?

Bucknell alumni, students, faculty, parents and friends are encouraged to participate. The value of the networks is bringing those audiences together to share information professionally and personally. The networks bring the Bucknell community to life.


Where can I get more information?

You can check out the list of Affinity Networks on the Classes, Clubs, Networks section of B-Link (left hand column). They are listed by category: Profession/Industry, Academic Interest and Extracurricular Interest.

For details, contact Alumni Relations at 570-577-3223 or