Recommend a Student For Admission

Recommend a Student For Admission



Recommend a Student for Admission

Do you know a great student in your area?

Do you want to have an impact on the next class of Bucknellians?

You may use this form to recommend an outstanding student to Bucknell.  It is important to provide all the requested information for the Admissions staff's review. Please feel free to reach out to the student to share your experiences and knowledge of Bucknell, as well.

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1) Explain the nature of your relationship to this student (friend, family member, business contact, etc.).
2) Describe the depth of your relationship to the student (close family friend, neighbor, met a few times, never met but know parents, etc.).
3) Describe the student's most notable achievement or activity.
4) What have you seen or do you know about this student that leads you to believe that he/she would be a good match for Bucknell?
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Thank you - your valued opinion can make a difference!

Patti Struble Flannery '86
Alumni Admissions Programs
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